Eat Drink Swim Relax on the River

Bomb Crater Bar is located right on the Son river, just 3km from Phong Nha Village (Son Trach) on the Old French Highway. Cold drinks and great service make this the perfect place to stop along the road between Phong Nha and the Bong Lai Valley or the Phong Nha Farmstay if you are out on a cycle ride or just looking for a cold drink, a place to relax or somewhere to watch the sunset.

The land that the bar is built on housed a fuel depot during the American war and because of this it was heavily bombed, including a 2000lb bomb that created the crater that gives the place its name. There are also 2 similar bomb craters on the land next door.

We believe in respecting the past, but working for the future, which in Phong Nha means tourism. We try and keep things local and integrate in to the local community of Cu Lac. Our staff are local, our suppliers are local and the local people often pop in to visit.

Bomb Crater Bar opened in June 2016 but then closed due to severe flooding in October the same year. In March 2017 it was reopened.

The location on the river is great for a swim and it is a relaxing and chilled out place to have a beer, coffee, cocktail, smoothie or a bite to eat.

Most afternoons you can relax on the beach and watch the sun set whilst the water buffalo take there evening dip in the river. ¬†Usually, at about 4pm Mr Duc’s Ducks return from foraging in the river and a duck parade proceeds around the back, through the bomb crater next door and across the road. Check out our Facebook page for videos of the ducks.

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