Eat Drink Swim Relax on the River

Bomb Crater Bar is located right on the Son river, just 3km from Phong Nha Village (Son Trach) on the Old French Highway. Cold drinks and great service make this the perfect place to stop along the road between Phong Nha and the Bong Lai Valley or the Phong Nha Farmstay if you are out on a cycle ride or just looking for a cold drink, a place to relax or somewhere to watch the sunset.

bomb crater bar sunset
Water buffalo at the river at sunset.

The land that the bar is built on housed a fuel depot during the American war and because of this it was heavily bombed, including a 2000lb bomb that created the crater that gives the place its name. There are also 2 similar bomb craters on the land next door.

Crater located at the bar
The view of the small bar from the other side of the bomb crater

We believe in respecting the past, but working for the future, which in Phong Nha means tourism. We try and keep things local and integrate in to the local community of Cu Lac. Our staff are local, our suppliers are local and the local people often pop in to visit.

Shopping for fresh produce in the local market

Bomb Crater Bar opened in June 2016. After the floods in October the same year, the bar was closed and reopened in March 2017. The bar is closed each year from late September to early November.

The location on the river is great for a swim and it is a relaxing and chilled out place to have a beer, coffee, cocktail, smoothie or a bite to eat.

Most afternoons you can relax on the beach and watch the sun set whilst the water buffalo take there evening dip in the river.

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Our Location and how to get here

Our location is a pleasant 3 km from Phong Nha out along the river.  Walk, ride a bicycle, take a motorbike, hire a xe om, or take the local bus that travels between Dong Hoi and Trooc!

Bomb Crater Bar is located in the buffer zone of the Phong Nha Kebang National Park at KM560 on TL15, the Old French Highway which runs along Song Con (the Son River) between Phong Nha Village and the Bong Lai Valley.

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Drinks Menu – Beer, Juice, Coffee, Cocktails and more!

Drinks and food are available all day

Drinks and food are prepared fresh at the bar


Huda Bottle 20,000

Saigon Can 25,000

Tiger Can 30,000

Heineken Can 35,000

Fresh Juice

Pineapple juice 30,000

Watermelon juice 30,000

Passion fruit juice 30,000

Lemon juice 15,000

Soft Drinks

All soft drinks are 15,000

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Soda, Tonic, Bang Soda (Bottle)

Mixed Drinks

Gin & Tonic 50,000

Rhum & Coke 50,000

Whisky & Coke 60,000

Bacardi & Coke 60,000

Vodka and Coke, Sprite or Soda 50,000


Rhumango 60,000
our signature Mango Smoothie with Rhum

Tom Collins 60,000
Refreshing Gin, Lemon &Soda

Vodka & Watermelon 60,000
Nice & Icy

Pina Bomblada 60,000
Pineapple and Bacardi

Passion Pleasure 60,000
Rhum & fresh Passion Fruit


Banana Smoothie 30,000

Mango Smoothie 40,000

Pineapple Lassi 40,000

Tea & Coffee

Lipton Tea 15,000

Iced or hot Coffee 20,000


Big Water 10,000

Small Water 5,000

Food and Snacks Menu

Food is available all day at the Bomb Crater Bar!

Our food and drinks are prepared fresh at the bar in our small kitchen.

Bomb Crater Banh mi

Spiced sausage meat with onions and capsicum 65,000

Spring Rolls

Pork Spring Rolls  50,000

Vegetarian Spring Rolls 40,000

French Fries

Home mad hand cut Hot potato chips 50,000

Fried Noodles

Vegetable fried noodles 50,000

Chicken & vegetable  fried noodles 70,000

Soup Noodles

Beef 15,000

Pork 15,000

Fruit Salad

A selection of seasonal fruit 60,000

The history of the Bomb Crater

As far as we can find out, the bomb crater was created by a 2000 lb American bomb in the early 70’s, targeting a fuel depot that was located in the area around what is now the Bomb Crater Bar. The fuel depot made the area a prime bombing target for the Americans and there are more bomb craters located on the adjacent land.

The bomb crater is only a few metres deep now, but it would have been significantly deeper in the past. The location on the flood plain of the river means that it has been filled in by river sediment, vegetation and erosion on the nearly 50 years since it was created.

Whilst Quang Binh is one of the most contaminated areas in the world when it comes to unexploded ordinance, these days most unexploded ordinance is found buried in the ground. Clearing land for agriculture, building roads and digging foundations for buildings often exposes them. They are still very dangerous and should you come across an unexploded bomb, keep clear of it and inform the authorities.

If you are interested in supporting the removal of UXO in Vietnam, please consider a donation to MAG, an NGO that has done significant work in this area to clear unexploded ordinance.  They are still active in this area and respond when bombs are found.

Fortunately there are no land mines in this part of the country as there was no ground fighting in the north.

There is no doubt that the people of Vietnam suffered considerably during this conflict and we hope that by retaining this bomb crater and sharing the story that visitors to Vietnam can have a small taste the legacy of Vietnam’s rich history.

Crater located at the bar
The view of the small bar from the other side of the bomb crater