Food and Snacks Menu


Food is available all day at the Bomb Crater Bar!

Our food and drinks are prepared fresh at the bar in our small kitchen.

“What is a banh mi? It is just a bread roll!”


Bomb Crater Banh Mi

A special blend of spices and chili give our pork a delicious flavour. Sausage meat on a fresh bread roll, with caramelised onions and capsicum



Chicken Charged Banh Mi

This flavours of lemongrass and chili (optional) chicken on a fresh bread roll will excite your tastebuds, guaranteed



Eggs-plosions Banh Mi

– Omelette Banh Mi – Egg with capsicum and onion on a fresh roll

– 2 fried egg Banh Mi – Choose sunny side up or over easy on a bread roll



Spring Rolls


Handmade spring rolls, made on site to a traditional family recipe and deep fried to perfection


Pork Spring Rolls 


Vegetarian Spring Rolls 


French Fries


Homemade hand cut hot potato chips

We make them here from real potatoes. Served with a mix of mayonnaise and chilli sauce for an incredible flavour



Chicken Bombs


Nuggets of chicken breast in a crispy coating. Served with Mustard Mayo



Fried Noodles


Fried noodles with vegetables



Chicken & vegetable fried noodles



Soup Noodles


Budget beating sustenance

Instant Beef Pho – 15,000

Instant Pork Bun – 15,000

Add egg – 10,000


Fruit Salad


A selection of seasonal fruit

May include Mango, banana, pineapple and watermelon based on the seasonal availability



Add yoghurt – 10,000

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