Media Articles about Bomb Crater Bar

These are media articles that have been written about the Bomb Crater Bar or have included information about Bomb Crater Bar. You can read them on this page in the frame or click on the link to go to the websites.

1) 2017: A great article from Michael Tatarski in the Saigoneer about the Bar and what we are all about:

“The village of Cu Lac in central Vietnam is a postcard image of rural life. Water buffaloes and cattle graze among low-slung houses, and verdant rice paddies stretch to the nearby Ho Chi Minh Highway. The broad, green-tinged Son River flows past the length of Cu Lac, while a breeze whispers through the bamboo trees lining its banks”

2) 2017: Michael also wrote a piece for Roads and Kingdoms, about whiling away the afternoon with a cold beer. Roads and Kingdoms is a new online media magazine put together by a crew that included Anthony Bourdain:

“The bar isn’t trying to exploit the area’s past; the craters just happen to be there. “We wanted something that respects the history of the area but also embraces where we are now, which is really about tourism,”  The nearby town of Phong Nha is the epicenter of the province’s booming cave tours, focused on Son Doong, the largest cave in the world. 

3) The now defunct Word Magazine did a feature on Eating and Drinking in Phong Nha in April 2017 and we got a mention!

“The Bomb Crater bar sells a range of beer, soda, hot drinks, coffee and comfort food, on a very interesting piece of land. A crisp, cold beer is always a winner, but take that beer and put it on a handmade bamboo table in the middle of a bomb crater, and you’ve got something special. Overlooking the river, the Bomb Crater Bar is a great spot to unwind and relax.”

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